I LO w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim

im. ks. Jana Kompałły i Wojciecha Lipskiego

Secondary School Number 1

Gimnazjalna 9
63-400 Ostrow Wielkopolski, POLAND
phone +48 62 736 62 91
E-mail: liceum@1liceum.edu.pl

... Tradition, education, success ...


General information

Secondary School Number 1 in Ostrów Wielkopolski in the south west of Poland is the oldest school in the town and the third oldest school in the Wielkopolska Province.

The school was founded in 1845 on the initiative of two outstanding citizens: Jan Kompa?la, a parish priest from Ostrów, and Wojciech Lipski, a landowner from Lewków. Since then, the school has played a significant role as far as both education and Polish history are concerned.

Not only is the school famous for its rich traditions but also its high standards of teaching and a strong reputation. The school is recognised as one of the best and leading schools in the region. Many eminent scientists and scholars, as well as excellent students have graduated from Secondary School Number 1 and each year their number grows.

The school seeks to develop character and a right sense values, it aims to deliver good education in a supportive environment and cares for the needs of each student.

Obligatory subjects

There are 14 obligatory subjects, which students have to cover during their three - year education cycle. These include: Polish, English, German, Latin, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Physics, Physical Education, Information Technology, Business Studies.


The school’s wide range of curricular and extra curricular activities provides a wealth of opportunities from which all our students can benefit. There are all sorts of clubs, societies, special interests groups and sports teams, for example, the choir, volleyball team or the journalists' club.

Teachers and students

There are over 600 students in all 1- 3 Years. More than 40 teachers work at our school. All of them are qualified teachers and a few are going through their postgraduate or PhD studies.

Class types

Each year 6 forms with the following specialisations are started:

  • Science - oriented
  • Biology and Chemistry - oriented (2 classes)
  • German - oriented
  • English - oriented
  • Arts - oriented